I am not a kürbis, Tracey!

Once upon a time, three adventurous knights decided to master the New York accent for their production of „tick, tick… BOOM!“.

But they were not alone, since the accent witch Tracey The Good came all the way from the foreign realm of Frankfurt to help them with their endeavor. And so it came to pass that on one weekend in the kingdom of Karlsruhe our four fierce heroes met.  Supported by their loyal support staff of observers (including a doctor), notetakers and cooks they started the battle against the german accent.  They were met by a persistent stream of fricatives, modified vowels and tongue twisters and still they percisted until their fight seemed won.

But suddenly the canny intricacies of the New York references in the script closed in on the courageous team.

How do you even swear correctly? What is it like to be a New Yorker? What’s an American Dad like?

You can really say „thirty“ in five different way, even if you have the same accent? (“sördy” or “tördy”?)

What is the Jeddish influence in the accent?

My Hand to GAWD there is a whole list of words on wikipedia.

There was no way all of tthese foes could be defeated in one weekend, it will be a long and ongoing fight. For now our warriors rode into the sunset with a few victories under their belts.

But since the supporting staff has noted any minute detail there will be more battles to be fought. Together they will be strong enough to eradicate any mistakes.