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We are looking for dedicated volunteers to perform in our Production of „tick, tick…BOOM!“. We are especially interested in english native speakers.

Basic Information

  • 3 performers (2 males, 1 female)
  • performance dates in November and December 2018
  • performance in English
  • nonbinding glimpse into the rehearsal on the 5th + 12th. of Feburary, 2018 at 7:30 PM in the Festsaal Casting 16.02.2018 – time announced after sign-up
  • Rehearsal: every thurday evening

Descriprtion of Characters


Jon is a jung man full of dreams. He counts the days until he turns 30 while he waits for success. He is a composer and fights for his new master piece „Superbia“. But nobody is blown away by his piece. Instead of the finiancial hit he hoped for, Jon is forced to work in a diner to pay his bills.

Despite his obvious flop he sees his life with a charming humor and postpones his long-due decision. He’s enjoying the bright sight of life with his girlfriend Susan and his best friend Micheal.

But how much must Jon give up to achieve his dream? Who is holding him back and who is supporting him? What will the future bring for him?



Susan is Jons girlfriend. She is a dancer, beatiful, likable and intelligent. Susan earns her money by giving dance lesson to kids, instead of dancing professionally herself. But this does not annoy her. She wishes for a house at the sea and a touch more reliability in her life.

Eventhough Susan admires Jon for his ambitions and life goals she desires more attention and a final decision. She can not take his insecurity any longer.

Will their love survive their different the hard times ahead?

Also plays: Jon’s Mom, Secretary, Judy Wright, Karessa Johnson, Rosa Stevens etc.


Michael is Jons best buddy since kindergarten and Ex – Roommate. Like Jon he had the big dream of becoming an actor, but choose another path of life. He makes big bucks as a marketing executive. Thats why he can afford a luxurious apartment and a new car. He cares a lot for his friend Jon and tries to help him find his way.

Realistic? Yep. Bourgeois? No!

Also plays: Jon’s Dad, Executive, Temp, Market research guy, Counter guy, Rosa Stevens.

What we‘re looking for:

  • experience in music (band, choir, …)
  • Age between 20 and 35
  • Available till december 2018
  • fluent in english or very good pronunciation
  • commitment and motivation
  • Available for castings on the 16.02.2018
  • acting experience is a plus

Sign up

Interested? Sign up here for our casting on the 16.02.2018 or send us a mail to casting@musical-karlsruhe.de. Show us why you are the right person for our production!

Comittment issues?

Give us a try during our open rehearsal 5.02. and/or 12.02.2018.